The Dead Sea (the source of health and beauty) has unique mineral salt content, which has made it the world’s most famous health and beaty resort. The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea salts have been established by experience and confirmed by advanced research centers.


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Facial Benefits

When a facial is used, Dead Sea mud helps to immediately make a healthier skin tone and remove layers of dead cells. Once these dead cells are removed, new cells are able to regenerate for younger and healthier looking skin. Blood circulation in the face is increased and the skin on the face becomes noticeably warmer. This causes toxins and acne-causing bacteria to be removed from the face. At the same time, the facial seals the mud over the face and increases the face’s ability to absorb minerals and proteins. Although Dead Sea facial masks work best for individuals with skin problems, they are actually ideal for any skin type.

For the best looking skin, try out skin care products that use Dead Sea mud. After generations of use, Dead Sea mud is finally getting the attention it deserves. This unique beauty product is able to moisture the skin and remove dead skin cells gently.


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Added Skin Care Benefits

The powerful blend of nutrients is known around the world for its moisturizing qualities. In addition, it contains nutrients that can actually kill the bacteria that causes acne. Once this discovery was made, cosmetic businesses started to use Dead Sea Mud in face masks, soap and exfoliators. In high-end spas, individuals can get body wraps that are made out of Dead Sea Mud. Although little research has been done on cellulite and Dead Sea Mud, some spa anthusiasts say that it can remove stretch marks and the pocked skin that comes from cellulite.

Getting a body wrap of spa facial can be expensive when it includes Dead Sea mud. Instead, individuals can purchase over-the-counter creams that are designed with the mud. Packages of pure Dead Sea mud can be found at health stores and used for at-home mud masks. To make a moisturizing facial, individuals should use pure Dead Sea mud, an equal amount of clay and a little olive oil to make it creamier.
Outside of just skin care, the Dead Sea mud is thought to help relax the muscles in the body. Cancer patients use it to help increase tranquility and calmness. At the same time, arthritis patients use the mud to reduce rheumatic pains.


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The restorative powers of the Dead Sea were appreciated by ancient civilizations long before they were scientifically proved, TELLURIA is a line of products that recalls the ancient spa of the Dead Sea in rich, exclusive minerals combined with botanical extracts and aroma therapeutic essential oils. We have developed our products to give the skin the ultimate benefits when used.